Rules for OSPS Competitions

The following rules apply to the regular digital competitions which accumulate points throughout the year. Other competitions (e.g. Video, Sequences, etc.) follow their own rules:

  1. Competitions are open to members only. In addition, members must attend at least one meeting a year to be eligible to participate in the club competitions. Exceptions to this must be approved by the Executive Committee (EC).
  2. The original stereo photograph (image) must be acquired by the author either digitally or digitized from a photograph by the author. Entrants are permitted to enhance or modify the original image as desired, as long as the photographic content predominates in the final image.
  3. Any image which has either been previously awarded, or which is so similar as to be almost identical, is not eligible.
  4. A maximum of four images may be entered in each competition. Members need not be present to take part in the competitions.
  5. Images must be compatible with our viewing/projection equipment. The website will have details on the current formats, resolutions, and naming conventions for submitted images.
  6. A copy of digital images is kept within the club and, unless expressly restricted by the author, can be used for all club purposes including, but not limited to: Stereo Image of the Year Competition, publication in the Stereogram and on the club website, International Stereo Club Competition, and inclusion in potential Best of the OSPS compilations.
  7. Awards are given to the highest scoring 20-40% of the competing images.
  8. Entrants accumulate points during the year for each image awarded, according to the following scale: 1st place = 5 points; 2nd place = 4 points; 3rd place = 3 points; and Honorable Mention = 2 points. In addition, one point is awarded for each image entered in the competition and did not receive an award. All people in attendance can vote for their favorite image of the night. The image with the most votes becomes the “People’s Choice” and receives an extra point. The results of each competition, plus accumulative results, are published in the newsletter.
  9. The members with the highest point totals at the end of the year receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd place awards. The 1st place winner receives the “James R. Motley Stereo Excellence Award.”
  10. The “Best Beginner” Award is given, at the discretion of the EC, to a beginner in stereo who did well in the competitions.
  11. Any image awarded in a competition is eligible for the Stereo Image of the Year competition. In addition, each member may submit one image that did not receive an award during the Season. The following awards are given in this competition: Stereo Image of the Year, Honorable Mention to approximately 10% of the highest scoring remaining entries.
  12. Changes to these rules must be presented and discussed at an Officers Meeting, and approved by a simple majority of the members attending a club meeting.